Simon Husbands

I’m a displaced Brit from Nottingham, UK – now based in Minneapolis, Minnesota USA.

Early on

I grew up listening to Top Of The Pops and John Peel. Lying awake at night listening to pirate radio and Peel, I loved the sounds of the 70’s and bands like Roxy Music, The Sweet, Bowie and some of the groundbreaking punk bands. Playing in bands from an early age, I always liked good tunes and chords. Pop music was the soundtrack of my life. Eventually my band BLUE TRAIN was signed to BMG ( alongside great artists such as MATTHEW SWEET, PROCUL HARUM, TOOL and GREEN JELLO ) and my life changed. In 1991 we had a record in the Billboard charts ( for 13 weeks ) called All I Need Is You and I got to play at being a pro musician. I traveled across the USA, met my wife and got married and became an ex-pat, living in Minneapolis, USA.


And now I get to play music in Minneapolis. I perform periodically with a number of great local artists – The Katy Vernon Band, The Black Bluebirds, Kiki Lane, Thee Duke Of Dark, as well as a fabulous ABBA covers band, ABBAsolutely Fab! I also have a weekly radio show on KFAI 90.3 FM called TRUE BRIT! where we play nothing but British music and share stories of the music and culture I love.

And now, I have an album out, my debut album. It’s called POP. It was released almost exactly 30 years to the day that I first stepped foot into the USA. What took me so long? Life.